Steel Works

Our company can carry out all kind of steel works using material, and consumables accompanied with relevant certificates.

Our well trained personnel is a guarantee that the repair project will be delivered in time.

Pipping Works

Our company specializes in the whole spectrum of piping works, steel, inox, aluminum, etc, accompanied with factory certificates.

Boiler Works

Our company overtakes boiler repairs and retubing works in all type of boilers.

Hydroblasting - Sandblasting and Painting Works

Our company overtakes, DD works, Hydroblasting, Sandblasting and Painting works.

Insulation Works
Cleaning Works - Gas Free Works

We can carry out cleaning works and Gas Free Works in all vessels spaces.

Flying Repair Squads

We are offering our services with well trained personnel (fitters, certified welders), on board vessel, worldwide 24/7/365.

Industrial Metallic Constructions

Our company overtakes and fabricates metallic constructions.