The company "NAFTOSOL - KOUTROULOS EVAGN. M.EPE" from its first steps has succeeded to become synonymous with guarantee and quality.

It offers excellent constructions of high specifications inextricably linked according to all standards of shipbuilding work certifications.

In this great effort it has managed to adopt and follow all the necessary and at the same time needed obligations in terms of certificates of conformity and quality management.

Adherence to strict procedures and controls are continuous and demanding with the aim of achieving absolute uniformity in the production process capable of meeting the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

“NAFTOSOL – KOUTROULOS EVANG. M.EPE” works with certification based on the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 in accordance with the requirements and certification regulations for the Quality Management System in the field of application “REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE SERVICES OF SHIPS AND BOATS”.

At the same time, all constructions are governed by all the necessary material certificates (sheet metal, steel, pipes) as well as all welding certifications.